Arany Kaviár Étterem, Hungary


1990 is the year of the opening of the restaurant, which also features in front of their entrance. Since then they have never lost sight of where they would catapult to in the Hungarian culinary scene. Their principles in their kitchen have remained unchanged: impeccable raw ingredients, pronounced flavours, simplicity, balance and harmony. While sticking to their traditions, they continuously experiment with new, exciting flavours pairing.

The restaurant was gutted out and completely renovated in the spring of 2016 to start a new beginning. The interior rooms exhale the atmosphere of old Russian tsarist flair, while the lovely winter garden created in 2015 represents graceful alfresco dining experience.

Was looking forward to eating here to be honest, I do love me some Caviar! Dinner at Arany Caviar Restaurant in city of Budapest was pleasant and fun. You can tell they are trying so hard to reach for those stars! Choose between an opulent, richly appointed room and a larger, more modern extension which opens onto the garden. The kitchen take on French and Russian influences guide the creative, ambitious cooking; Hungarian and Siberian caviar is a speciality at their establishments.Even Chef Nyíri Szása made appearance around the tables, welcoming the diners!

I had the Arany Kaviar Prestige Menu with wine pairing, which includes the highlight Amur Beluga Caviar with Dom Perignon Champagne of course! The dinner was not super memorable or perhaps I was too sick to be dining out. I did enjoy the Langoustine with avocado and coriander. The wine pairings were very generous and the Pigeon breast with Jerusalem artichoke and truffle mushroom was done right! As I am unfamiliar with the terroir of Hungarian wine. Naturally I had opted the wine pairing for the specific reason of learning about their local wine.

The set menu was EUR100 and with wine pairing additional of EUR50. I would say its a fair price for the quality and military precision service. In my opinion with wine pairing, you won’t even get remotely near this price menu in Paris, France. I do recommend coming here for their wide Caviar range! In Hungarian cuisine, there is a lot of hearty things like foie gras and goulash! The meal here was not overwhelming and did not felt so stuffed after the meal.

AP Tips: Reservation is required to avoid disappointment. Try the wine pairing, you won’t be disappointed and learn a thing or two about the local vine growers from their Sommelier.

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