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Chances are you have already heard about “gluten free diet”, and probably think that it is just another way to lose weight, or similarly to a low-carb diet. Perhaps you even read about professional athletes, who are choosing to go “gluten free”, to peak their performance to the next level and avoid energy spikes. Or maybe you saw one of your friends, who sets those hot bread rolls aside during dinner and explains it by “gluten sensitivity”. So, what is so bad about gluten?

In reality, gluten is a harmless protein that is commonly used because it helps food to maintain its shape, like a glue. All pastas, breads, crackers contain it. It is also frequently used in processed food, like seasonings, spices, sauces as a thickener. Some people can develop gluten sensitivity when our intestine system sees gluten as an intruder and triggers an auto-immune response to get it out of our bodies. Hence, some can experience gas, swelling, uncomfortable stomach feeling. For individuals with coeliac disease, a severe degree of gluten sensitivity, it can cause diarrhoea, stomach pain, excessive gas, skin rashes and even epileptic shock in some extreme cases. But enough of the medical talk!

Let’s talk about what we can do to keep a healthy lifestyle and nurture our bodies with essential nutrients. Here is where BakeHour comes in, a new kid on the block of widely popular health conscious Singapore. Bakehour is a bakery that keeps it environment clean from cross-contamination – they only bake gluten-free products and only use fresh and nutritious ingredients that you can easily pronounce.

Shirley Lau, a co-founder and managing director of Bakehour, had a vision to offer customers high-quality, tasty, handmade gluten-free bakes. There is a quality guarantee on every product they bake. Shirley has recruited Chef Ashiqa Hasan, who has an extensive baking experience in gluten-free segment, while she was working in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles and DB Bistro at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

BakeHour: An Unusual bakery in the Heart of Singapore. Their Mission is to offer you high quality, fresh and delicious gluten free baked goods, that will empower you to bring bread to the table.

Ms.Lau is dedicated to perfecting their menu of gluten-free products. BakeHour bakery spends significant time on researching and developing gluten-free recipes that results in fresh bakes that are almost identical to regular bakery items. Similar texture, color, smell – to empower all customers, who shy away from gluten, to bring back focaccia, or cheese puffs, or a bread loaf back to their tables – all freshly baked, all gluten free.

BakeHour bakery is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore. BakeHour supplies freshly baked gluten-free items to food & beverage outlets, so that kids and adults, who have gluten sensitivity, can also enjoy burgers or muffins and cookies as much as all of us do. In addition to baking, Shirley and Ashiqa conduct classes that teach aspired parents to bake gluten-free items too.

Shirley says that the secret recipe that keeps BakeHour going is not in ingredients that they choose, but rather in their passion to offer people healthy choices.

Bakehour is located at 462 Crawford Lane #02-67, Singapore, 190462 – By appointment only.
You can reach them at +65 9828 2445, on Facebook or Instragram (@bakehoursg) or place your order online at Bake Hour.


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