Coqui Coqui Cobá Papholchac, Mexico


Deep within the verdant jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll discover the small village of Coba on the banks of a tranquil lake in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This enigmatic heritage location is home to the Coqui Coqui Cobá Papholchac Residence & Spa, which lies at the heart of one of the most important archaeological sites associated with ancient Mayan civilisation. Taking the rich historical significance of the surrounding area into account, the residence was built to highlight the landscapes, natural beauty and traditions of the Mayan culture. The result is Coqui Coqui Coba, a unique hideaway that’s meant to awaken one’s inner explorer and innate sense of adventure, while serving as a true sanctuary for creating moments for peacefulness and serenity.

Inspired by the nearby Mayan ruinas, Coqui Coqui Coba arises out of the jungle like a forgotten mirage, displaying some of the most unique architecture in the region while also perfectly blending into the seemingly preserved natural surroundings. Linked with an enchanting wooden bridge that hangs delicately above, the unique design of Coqui Coqui Coba is comprised of two symmetrical limestone towers that feature outdoor dipping pools, lounge areas, and two suites. The two King Palapa Suites are located at the very top, each with their own private terraces, thatched-style roofs and polished concrete floors with the most breathtaking views of the nearby ruins. Located directly below are the two Laguna Suites that overlook the green freshwater lagoon. Our Jungle Villa is a luxury two-floor suite that features a King Sized bed, spa-style outdoor shower, double concrete bathtubs and a private terrace area for enjoying the pool, relaxing and dining.

The interior design of every room has been meticulously curated in Coqui Coqui’s Mexican style, while decked out with ornate details that capture the essence of the 1920’s photographs. The rugged elegance of Coqui Coqui Coba is enhanced by Safari-inspired handmade furniture in earth tones, stone bathtubs & showers throughout, an abundance of our hand-crafted hanging hammocks for leisurely afternoon sways, antique maps and globes, botanical drawings, archaeological photographs and an array of curated anthropological books to enjoy. The hotel lobby also houses a perfumery, complete with their exclusive collection of perfumes and fragrances. Their boutique showcases some homeware and travel essentials line, filled with unique pieces for adventurers and heritage travelers. Coba’s menu is also completely inspired my the Mayan culture, featuring tasty dishes and flavors unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. Savor regional specialties with fresh ingredients and produce from our garden and fresh fish from the on-site cenote located within the outdoor restaurant, With beautiful views of the lake, relax with a cocktail inside of our spacious outdoor lounge area, or perhaps lay in a hammock inside of the open palapa while taking in the the stunning pink sunset.  Like all Coqui Coqui Residences, Coba has a complete spa with an outdoor shower, a cenote-inspired pool and a wide range of deep tissue massages, organic facials, fruit scrubs, and energizing treatments that use traditional Mayan techniques that are focused on natural homeopathic healing and renewal.

Coqui Coqui Coba Papholchac is a hidden gem. The music of tropical animals, and the balmy breeze that carries natural scents of the wild tropical flora provides a welcoming anthem for true sensory experiences and spiritual happenings. Embrace the wildness of this place, and escape to an atmosphere filled with natural beauty and rustic luxury for a transformative sensory experience. And in all their suites, each place embraces the Coqui Coqui lifestyle through its unique representation of scents, tastes, aromas and elements of design. You can experience this in  every Coqui Coqui residence through their boutiques, spas, cafés, home decor, and travel essentials collection. The only fault I could find was the smell of the tap water. It stanched like copper infused water whenever I take a shower or bath and beware of mosquitoes.

Just wish to say Thank You to Coqui Coqui for the amazing complimentary perfume amenities and cocktails. AP Tips: Remember to bring mosquito repellant as its in the middle of nowhere and stagnant water are common sight. Right in front of the hotel is the Lake Coba, Natural Reserve.

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