Grifoll Declara Wine – Priorat, Spain

My love for fine wines started years ago when I interned for a luxury jewelry brand back in Paris. Every summer, I would drive to the wine country to taste wine straight from the vineyards. As my palate and interest for wine grew, I started to visit vineyards beyond the French borders like, in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and even Croatia.

When I think of wines from Spain, I immediately go for Rioja but little did I know there are more regions that are equally famous in their own right. When I was traveling from Valencia to Barcelona, along the way I stumbled upon a region called Priorat. It is located just two hours outside of Barcelona. In this picturesque region, I visited a boutique winery called Grifoll Declara. Established in 1880 and now run by the 5th generation, the Grifoll family produces high-quality organic wines and is proud to be one of the few remaining family-owned wineries and vineyards in Priorat. I met with one of the family members, Mr. Marcel Grifoll, who told me more about the wines that come with an unique personal touch and strong family heritage. Through his Asian-based wine importing business Blackbird Group, he exclusively imports the family wine to Thailand and Singapore. Additionally, the wine labels are also exported across the world. shop online.

At Grifoll Declars, their grapes are organically harvested and handpicked. They do not use modern machinery. And their wines are chemical and pesticide free as well as 100% vegan. What’s even more interesting is that every single family member is personally involved in the process to ensure the best quality of their wines. Their vineyards range from 25 years of age to more than 100 years (centennial vineyards). Furthermore, all their wines are aged in French oaks, ranging from three to 24 months.

The Priorat wine region is famous among wine connoisseurs for its great local grapes of grenache/carignan that thrive in this part of the mountainous landscape. In Spain, there are only two wine regions with the highest label of quality (D.O.Q.): Priorat and no other than the famous Rioja region. Grifoll Declara’s offering includes two white wines (both 100% white grenache), six red wines (grenache noir, carignan and blended) and a vermouth (a white/red Grenacheblend). The white grenache wines are a rarity in the Priorat region – only to be found in a handful of wineries.

I had the honor to try the Predicat, a genuinely nice drop of red wine. Aged for nine months in French Oak, the Predicat boasts with natural fruity and mineral finishes. The other red wine I tried was Tossals Old Vineyard Selection, which has striking purple colors. It has aged in 100% new French Oak for 14 months and convinces with tasting notes of lily, roses, minerals and a hint of vanilla at the end. I would like to extend a special thanks to BlackBird Group Singapore for introducing me to their exquisite family wines, and I can’t wait to try their white wine range. As I recalled drinking a lot of vermouth cocktails when I was living in Madrid, I still can’t believe that I did not manage to try Grifoll’s vermouth, which will be available on Singapore’s shore very soon.

Their wines had been spotted at some of the hottest restaurants in the world, including Michelin-starred restaurants El Celler de Can Roca (No. 2 World’s 50 Best Restaurants), Asador Etxebarri (No. 10 World’s 50 Best Restaurants) and Pujol (No. 13 World’s 50 Best Restaurants). I recommend purchasing directly from Blackbird Group Singapore retail arm because Grifoll Declara is 100% family owned, and this way you can help cutting out the middlemen and distributor, and the company can pass on the savings to the consumers.


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