Hideaway Villas, Bali


Bali will always hold a special significance in my heart, celebrations, milestones, disasters were all in some way celebrated or otherwise in Bali. And in the 10 years that I have been back in South-East Asia, I must have had at least 15 visits to Bali having spent in excess of 6-months on the island.

While everyone’s Bali adventures are different, many of them start the same way as mine did. A tour of 5* hotels and villas followed by fine dining and beach clubs with other expats (a.k.a blues) . Slowly I transitioned into becoming more adventurous to discover the hidden gems, to stay at more rustic hotels. to celebrate Megibung in the villages…. But I digress, that’s a story for another time.

Hideaway Villas was one of those rare stays these days where I booked a rather upscale villa. Rated as a 4-star accommodation Hideaway surely didn’t disappoint; it was very well priced and the stay was more than satisfactory, definitely great value for money!

The rooms were large, and the private pool had stunning sunset views. The kitchen was adequate and the living area was tastefully decorated. Not atypical of a modern Balinese style villa.

A simple hotel with a basic restaurant and spa

The food was decent at best, there is room for improvement

Sadly the food at Hideaways was a letdown, generally underseasoned and lukewarm the semi-buffet breakfast spread was not very appetizing and even the room service could have done with more seasoning and some better sauces.

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