Hillocks Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia


An affordable and romantic resort-style hotel featuring a cluster of villa-like accommodations. Hillocks is located a short ride away from the mayhem of Siem Reap’s infamous pup street and a rather convenient drive to Angkor Wat.

Featuring a huge saltwater swimming pool, rather chic spa and a quaint restaurant, a stay at Hillocks is a real luxurious treat for Siem Reap! the architecture reminds one of a tropical paradise! The compound, while not large, has undulating pathways that make the walk to your villa rather interesting, along the way you will pass the restaurant and a bar that is small but fully functional.

The staff at hillocks are exceptional! They are very well mannered, English educated and are more than willing to go that extra mile, within limits, to accommodate our various requests!

The moment you walk into your personal villa, you are treated by crisp linen sheets and an amazing infinity bathtub! the rooms are large with well-designed lighting and it looks equally good in the day as it does in the evenings. you could kick back with a few bottles of wine in the evenings, just hanging out on the bed or chilling by the sofa for the entire evening if you’ve had enough exploration for one day.

Sleep quality was stella! The mattress was firm, sheets were immaculately clean and pillows were like clouds! Needless to say, we passed out after a couple of bottles of wine, thoroughly relaxing!

AP TIPS: The pool of the hotel is exceptional, branded as a saltwater pool, it has lower salinity than seawater and is only lightly seasoned (that’s a first when describing a pool). Long enough for some laps and overlooking rice padi fields. Do consider a lazy afternoon by the pool with some beers or cocktails at the bar!

Breakfast and meals at hillocks are simple affairs, the semi-buffet breakfast features an array of local and international dishes, executed well but not mind-blowing, we loaded up on the fresh fruits and very delicious local vegetables during our stay here. The lunch and dinner a la cart menus were not very extensive and the quality of cooking was passable. It was very evident that the chef’s prefer preparing breakfast and brunch-style cuisine more than slapping a pizza into the oven.

Overall, our stay at Hillocks was very comfortable, it was an excellent stay and definitely one of the best in Siem reap! One can really get used to a long stay at Hillocks, can’t wait to be back!

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