Kipkot, Belgium, Brussels


Each time I visit Belgium, I make a special visit to Kipkot. This unassuming small chain of restaurants that focuses on EPIC rotisserie chicken should not be missed when visiting Brussels.

Serving up slow-roasted chicken over a wood flame, with special emphasis on local produce, long breeding periods and a commitment to the chicken’s 100% vegetarian diet. Their roast chicken is exceptionally juicy and very flavorful, spices are mild but are definitely formulated to be crowd-pleasers.

I feel that more restaurants should pay more attention to their produce! It really makes a difference and Kipkot has a great concept and integrity behind their food!

Expect simple cuisine at Kipkot and an array of beers. The menu is simple, affordable and most important of all, extremely delicious! Try it out when you are visiting Brussels, a great meal for 15 euros is hard to beat and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

AP TIP: they serve wicked house-made sauces and amazing lightly dressed laws. Their venues start getting packed around 7 pm, so swing by a tad earlier to avoid disappointment!

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