Most beautiful Cenote in the world

Let’s just say, WOW! For a frequent traveler like me, nothing really impresses me anymore. I was to coin a phrase, if you seen one, you probably seen it all. But this cenote, it was beyond my wildest dream to be able to visit here. During my slow travel through Mexico, I was going through some personal stuff. It was turning point in my timeline and my personal outlook changed for the better. That day when I arrived inside the cenote, it calmed me down almost instantaneously. I teared a little, reminded and reflected to myself that I am meant to witness this beautiful natural wonder. Sincerely, I have my local Mexican friends that I met earlier on to thank for the recommendation.

When you descend its stairs, you get the feeling as if you are going down to the Mayan underworld. This cenote was believed to be used by the Mayan as an altar for sacrifices and rituals and in the Mayan language, Suytun means “center of stone”. I arrived at 14:00 and were very lucky because the queue was small and very orderly. An hour later multiple families and tour buses arrived, which makes it difficult to get a picture alone, because many want to swim in the cenote which might ruined the tranquility of the place. The sun rays dances as it beam into the cave.

Editor’s Note:

UNFORGETTABLE and it will remind you life is worth living again when you step into the cave.

Cenote Suytun is probably the most instagrammed cenote in the world. I truly cannot even fathom how to describe the degree of serenity I felt when I stood in the middle of the crater with the light shining down. In other words, it felt like I was given a big hug from mother-earth herself. I finally understood why the Mayan used to think some of these cenotes had healing properties.

I wore reef shoes because I knew I was going to get wet, my instinct was right because the staircase is wet, slippery, uneven at times, so please becareful when climbing down to the cave. Inside, the are ample space to place your items but no lockers. The locals usually come here to cool off from the blistering heat of Yucatan, Mexico. The water temperature is cold and it is safe to swim in the cenote. The fresh water is filled with black catfish. The spa fishes feed on your dead skin, remember to let yourself feel the tickles of their bites.

This is my favourite cenote out of the 5 visited all over Yucatan, Mexico. Cenote Suytun is located in the city of Valladolid. Its a short taxi ride from the city centre. The place is great for pictures. Go during weekdays and it won’t be too busy, people usually makes a quick line to take pictures in the center platform. I do agree it is a wonderful cenote with a magical and particular charm since there is a stone path to the center, which in my opinion reminds me a lot of the Atlantis movie, the place did not disappoint at all.

Admission Fee is MXN 120.00 per person, and it includes life jacket that is mandatory for swimming. The structure has a restaurant, restrooms and shops for crafts and souvenirs on the surface. This place is so unreal, one of the most beautiful cenotes in the whole Yucatan. A mystical place that holds near and dear to my heart.

A secret underground cave very worth knowing, it is unmatched its natural beauty. It is the most fascinating place I ever been! I would go back in a heart beat.

AP Tips: Bring your own towels (additional charges if you rent towels there). Do not carry too much cash as there are no lockers, wear good shoes or waterproof reef shoes. Recommended to go between 11 am and 2pm if you want the best pictures with the light beaming straight downwards at the center crater. Remember to enjoy the light ray show as natural sunlight dance on the water surface keeps changing angles.


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