Osteria Al Squero – Venice

A tiny hole in a wall right across the squero di San Trovaso is the Osteria Al Squero. It a wildly popular cicchetti place in Venice. Packed with customers to the brim, the tiny osteria serves the most interesting bites to pair with your birrino or Aperol Spritz. Because its near Zattere, a University district, its very young and lively. Watching the workshop repairing Gondola is a treat.

My favorite is the anchovy on tuna and of course the lards with fresh peppers. You can’t go wrong with an Aperol Spritz. Eating here is not fancy nor modest. Its just a light bite before moving on to a restaurant later in the evening. Here you can witness the sunsets at Zattere, Venice.

Tips: Beware of the seagulls outside the Osteria. They are eyeing at your plate of cicchetti and I personally witness them attacking the patrons sitting on the ledge just for a quick bite.


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