Osteria Paradiso Perduto – Venice

Tucked in the bustling street of Cannaregio, Venice! Osteria Paradiso Perduto also known as lost paradise have always busy even during lunch time. The fact that how busy it was compared to surrounding venues spoke for itself. If you ask any Venetian, they all have eaten or frequent here for aperitivo. The place is always full with local and tourist alike that are vying for a table. I happened to be friends with the newly minted owners: Anna and Andrea! They are so hardworking and even during Acqua Alta. The place is very charming and served straightforward honest food.

From the outside, the traditional neighbourhood tavern serves hearty Venetian chichetti fare draws so much crowd and they all linger outside the restaurant chit chatting the night away. I was always surprised by the sheer serving size and could barely finish a mixed antipasti and two secondi. My friends and I are always here for their seafood dishes and it was all well prepared from the assorted deep fried seafood fritters to the grilled sole. Definitely worth it if you’re hungry and canalling in the neighbourhood. Wouldn’t hurt to book either.

If you are here for aperitvo, there are so many bites to choose from! Prices are affordable compare to the very expensive Venetian restaurant near San Marco. Antipasti I recommend the Arancini Balls, Calamari, Braised Octopus in Tomato, Bacalau on toast and Mantis Shrimp in garlic olive oil thats native to the Adriatic coast. For drinks, may be a Birrino or Aperol Spritz.

If you love seafood, pasta, authentic Venetian flair and you are lucky enough to get a table here. I recommend the seafood platter, cacio pepe where the chef pushes the parmesan cheese wheel and toss the pasta right in front of your eyes. I had so much fun here. Highly recommend that you get there a bit early. You have to make reservations and you must go when there is music playing. The atmosphere and the vibe was great. The service was wonderful but don’t expect instant everything as it is not possible in the limited space and given the time. Hotels might not even recommend this place but I think it’s because they don’t want the tourists to ruin it. Think about it the menu is only in Italian. No multi flag nonsense.

Monday night is always busy due to a live band. We always turned up at 8.15pm and were seated at 9pm. Band usually starts at 9pm and carried on till 11pm. For most tourist, they come really early as 6pm and finish before 8:30pm which is excellent time as the kitchen is not overwhelmed yet. A little unknown secret about this restaurant is that there are two cats: Cinese and Emmanuela living in the premise. They often appear once the restaurant shuttered.

As the night take over, some tables make way for a dancefloor as lively patrons start dancing to the live music, drinks are flowing and party til the restaurant closes. Its a funky place with a long history of eccentric owners! Its a perfect for any writer to unwind and meet all walks of life. The stories you can listen under the moonlight and drink the night away along the calm canal make its my favorite restaurant in entire Venice.


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