Uliassi Restaurant, Italy


Little did I know after spending the summer break in Senigallia, Italy, there is a 3 Michelin Stars Restaurant in this seaside town. The dinner was not expensive at all and it really value for money. Although you do have to book in advance, I was able to get a table with just a phone call. The attendance was quite packed given that the location is quite remotely away from all the major cities in Italy. I had a great birthday celebration here. Chef Mauro Uliassi was so nice to even came out to greet me! I was surprised that he had been to Singapore and shared some of his fond memories of his trip.

Its a seafood forward restaurant, with very Japanese flavours. The seaweed kombu butter with seaweed bread was so full of umami goodness. In fact I don’t find these flavours pairings new because its quite common back in Asia but I can imagine why it would be a hit here in Italy as it quite uncommon to have these flavours at all. It gave me the “Ratatouille critic Anton Ego zoom-in moment”, it brought me back to Asia and I kinda missing my asian cuisine after being in Italy for more than 2 months. The foie gras waffer was so good. I love good bread, so to me a good restaurant always served warm soft bread.

The highlight dish was the squid fettuccine, hand cut squid and even has wok-hei taste to it. It brought be back to home in Asia again. The wine from Verdicchio was also a good choice as its from the terroir with vast fertile land on the seaside. Many great dishes include Uliassi nonna’s recipe. Its typical Marche stewed fish cooked in tomato jus and black olives. It won’t be Italian at all without pasta. I had a great low-key birthday celebration by myself. Things I do for myself =) haha. I was pleasantly enjoyed my time here.

AP Tips: It can be very busy, so please reserve in advance! I prefer the lunch menu in terms of price and you probably have enough time sit down for the long courses meals than having at dinner. I personally don’t like getting stuffed until 12 midnight and go to bed right after.

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